Rest AS your true nature

MEETINGS with alex


Nondual Teachings with Alex

Nondual teachings with Alex come from Alex’s own personal experience. He never prepares his speech, rather he speaks from genuity. These kinds of meetings can bring about great transformation in your personal life and end your suffering.

Nondual teachings can aid with finishing of your personal suffering called “me” and the world. Ego or the personal self is created in the world we live in and carries the weight of personality.

As long as there is belief in personhood, there are expectations that inevitably lead to conflict. When realisation happens that I do not exist as a person but rather as a biological instrument through which life force flows, all our expectations fall away. This results in peace in daily living.

As nondual teachings bring about a change in understanding that there is no independent doer that is acting but everything in this life happens spontaneously without our personal effort, most of our psychological suffering falls away. This results in peace and fulfilment.

All this world seen from a perspective of our personality is recognised to be unreal. The only thing that is real is that which is always here and does not change. What changes is our thoughts, emotions and our inner world in general.

How do we recognise the nondual truth?

This recognition happens! There is nothing we can do for this recognition to take place because the personal doer does not exist. A desire not created by you can happen and you start following these kinds of teachings that lead to liberation. When you come to a meeting with Alex you will have an opportunity for deep self-inquiry. This will enable you to see through your own beliefs and conditionings and give you an opportunity to discover That which is always here.

When this shift happens and we discover who we truly are, all beliefs about ourselves and the world fall away. This does not mean that the world will stop functioning the way it functions. People will still believe in duality and their stories. After this recognition you will still live in this world as if duality exists but with firm understanding who you truly are. This will bring peace, joy, and love to your daily living.