In Sanskrit the word Satsang means gathering in truth. The truth that is unwavering all-encompassing awareness without the weight of personality.

But in order to come to this realisation, we need to have a burning desire and will to know the truth. We live a life of duality and separation and that causes us suffering. We call this suffering me and the world.

When we come to Satsang, we need to bring out everything for the sake of truth. In order to find out what we are we need to first discover what we are not. If we want to see what we are not, we need to be honest with ourselves and tell the truth exactly as it is.

If the truth is, I do not respect and appreciate myself, that is my truth in this moment. I am not saying that this is the ultimate truth, but it is the truth in which we believe in that moment, and it causes suffering.

Often, we are afraid to tell the truth because in the past we were rejected and judged by others when we spoke about what we felt and experienced. We are used to lying to ourselves and others in order to be seen and accepted.

But inside we often suffer because we know that is not the case, so we are lying again. In order to stop the suffering, we need to be able to tell the truth to ourselves no matter how this truth looks like.

In Satsang, every story and every unclarity that we carry deep inside our heart is welcome.  Everything has to be exposed for the sake of the truth. The time has come for everyone who is sick of lying and pretending to discover the truth.

The truth that does not carry the weight of personality and is always fresh and joyful. It is the essence of our being. This truth is not conditioned by the world we live in, and it is the ultimate truth that I call the Self.

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