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Therapy with Alex

If you do not possess a genuine desire for liberation and still want to heal on a mental, emotional, and physical level, then Aleksandar is the right person for you.

He can of course help you heal from phobias, fears and traumatic experiences and other psychological issues.

His work is based on Advanced Hypnotherapy – approach that can bring you straight to the source of your problem, which is in your subconscious mind. When you bring the source of your problem to consciousness, you have an opportunity for change.


What is suffering?

Suffering happens when we find ourselves in a situation that is not in accordance with our beliefs that were inherited from our parents, schoolteachers and the world we live in. In this situation a conflict happens inside of us and then we judge others or ourselves, we feel victimised and guilty. All this is happening on mental, physical, and emotional levels of our being. During therapy, when certain aspects come to surface and you discover the cause of your presenting problem, Alex can guide you to a permanent change in perspective that manifests as inner peace in your daily living. Peace is an absence of suffering.


During therapy you can resolve issues with relationships, addictions and change yourself and your beliefs in such way that you can become the kind of person that you want to be.

Second part of therapy is reserved to those individuals who do not wish to change anymore, but who possess a true desire to permanently end suffering and live their life in peace and joy.

Levels of Therapy:

All therapy happens within the parameters of the physical, mental and emotional realms. This is characterized by the triangle of behavior, thoughts and feelings used in the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) model.

Leela Therapy represents the next wave by coupling deep insight with skillful means.

Therapy happens on one of three levels: symptom removal, ego strengthening, ego transcendence.

  • Symptom removal is characterized by a change in behaviors, thoughts and feelings. A variety of therapies address this level. We use the NLP model as a fast and effective way of changing behaviors, thoughts and feelings. NLP presents us with a wide variety of insights and interventions in the client’s map of reality, leading to cascading changes.
  • Ego strengthening involves working on the egoic sense of lack of self-worth. There is an inherent sense of lack present in all egoic Levels of Therapy states. For most of us it is sublimated enough to have what Freud characterized as normal suffering, which he saw as inescapable. When the person is handicapped by their sense of egoic insufficiency, this unbalanced state will be centered in the emotional and mental realms, leading to changes in behavior. Relaxation techniques and meditation practices, of what is called “the third wave” of therapy, may address this level of healing by calming the mind and developing the discipline of a meditation practice, thus breaking the neurotic patterns of ideation and feeling.
  • Being a True Friend models the possibility for the client of being free of neurotic patterns. The simple act of sitting as a True Friend with a quiet mind and an open heart has a salubrious effect on the neurochemistry of the client.
  • Therapy also addresses this realm through the skill of the True Friend in helping to elicit a diagnosis of both the presenting state and the desired state. This diagnosis, and projected outcome, address the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of the presenting problem following the NLP model. The art of the True Friend, and any exceptional therapy, is the capacity to intervene at the critical junction point. Insight into the egoic wounding can lead to emotional healing and a more fulfilling, less stressful life.
  • Ego transcendence happens when the personally identified consciousness reflects deeply on itself. There must be a willingness to turn away from everything that it considers real to find the illuminating consciousness that is shining from behind the realm of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When this conscious reflection of consciousness upon itself without an object is one-pointed and concentrated, the identity of self can shift from the personal to the transcendental. Instead of identifying oneself with the different forms of manifestation, one identifies as the timeless, spaceless, empty consciousness that is the root and substance of all manifestation.

This awakening to one’s true nature reveals the answers to the essential questions of: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Having only the cognitive information to these answers, even if correct, without the direct transcendent experience, leads to conceptualization. As a belief it imitates true realization but does not bring the full benefit of direct knowing that is beyond knowing.

One on One Sessions with Alex

How the therapy works: At the therapy, Aleksandar starts questioning so that he can find out the cause of your problem. For the success of the therapy itself, it is necessary to be open and be truly honest with Aleksandar, because only in this way you will be able to make a lasting change. The foundation of successful therapy is your sincerity and desire for change!